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ZoneOut TV
Welcome to ZoneOutTV.
On Zoneout.TV you will find many beautiful and relaxing experiences for your living pleasure…. Each scene is typically 1-hour long with natural sound to help you slow down, relax and enjoy life more. Use it on your big screen as background or decoration for other activities; it is great on your desktop as the ultimate break between work activities or as a pleasant natural ambient sound; ZoneOut TV is also wonderful at night on your phone (screen off and with ear buds) to help you relax into restful slumber.
About ZoneOut TV
ZoneOutTV is what you turn on when you've had enough... Enough news; Enough politics; Enough social updates; Enough email; Enough texts. ZoneOutTV is your refuge from being programmed, sold, directed, educated, informed and manipulated. When it is time to slow down, relax and enjoy we are here for your soul... a whole month for the price of a caramel mocha-chino.
Natural Sound
We program all our episodes with natural sounds. Early experiments showed that music makes viewers tire of episodes, but natural sound lets you play your favorites over and over. Music is wonderful... Try adding your own from another source like a smart speaker... It's a great way to customize your ambient environment!
Special Sleep Versions
As we developed ZoneOutTV many viewers told us that they used the channel as a sleep aid. We tried it and by golly -- sure works. No CBD required! So we made special Sleep versions of many episodes... making sure that the visuals are very dark, and all the sounds are very gentle. So you get all the sleep versions with your subscription.